Feature February Author and Poet Hollie Rice

I am really pleased to introduce you to Hollie Rice. She’s a writer and poet, with prior service in the military (who doesn’t love a woman in uniform), and has been known to write love letters that will get you more than a little hot under the collar. Please welcome Hollie Rice.


Hollie Rice


J-Thank you for talking with me today. Great accent by the way. Can you tell our audience a little bit about yourself?


H-Hello, my name is Hollie S. Rice. I have lived in different parts of the country, but I always come home to Florida. No matter what anybody says there are true Southerners in Florida. My family roots are strong. I have two nieces and a nephew that I love with all my heart. They are my light in the darkness. I believe family also includes those that I have let into my heart. I love to write, read, cook, and take care of animals. I feel a connection to nature so I love being outdoors. My favorite place in the entire world, besides being with my family, is in a place called Buck Creek, NC. I love to travel and experience new things.


J-I love to travel too. In another life I would have been a travel writer. What genre do you write and why?


H-I am a published poet and an aspiring novelist. I have written short stories and poetry since I was a child. My poetry can be anything from love to nightmares, but my novels so far have been romance peppered with erotica. I use my writing as therapy. This means there is also beauty in the darkness.


J-Beauty in the darkness, what a great sentiment. Love that. What is different about your writing style?


H-Entering my writing world is similar to sliding through a Wonderland hole or tripping about a Grimes fairytale. Never knowing what will come; that is what makes my writing style different.


J-How do you find time to write?


H-I always have paper or a notebook with me so when an idea strikes me, I can write it down.


J-What are you working on next?


H-My first romance novel with…”who-ha” LOL.


J-So I’m guessing we are in for some spice. Excellent. (Rubs hands together) Are you traditionally published or self-published?


H-Some of my poetry can be found online and in small publications, along with several articles. I am still navigating my way through the publishing world and the Wenches have been a great help to me.


J-Do you use experiences from your own life in your writing or does it all come from your imagination?


H-My philosophy is to change the names to protect the guilty.


J-Ha, you could tell me, but then you would have to kill me, right? Say no more. Do you listen to music while writing?  If so, name three songs on your current playlist.


H-Usually. Right now I’m listening to Blackhawk’s Every Once in a While, The Mama Mia Soundtrack, and Whitesnake’s Here I go Again.


J-A rocker and fan of Abba, a woman after my own heart. Are you a cat or dog person?


H-I have a parrot, several horses, and I’m waiting to find the right dog.


J-If you had your choice of writing retreat would you choose, a. Villa in Italy, b. Cabin in the woods, c. English estate in Derbyshire (think Pemberly) d. Beach house in the Virgin Islands


H-Either a cabin in the mountains or a secluded beach house.


J-Tell us a funny story that we can’t find on your bio.


H-Before I made friends from Australia, I always wanted to go because of the way men say my name… my virtue would be in danger… (wiggling my eyebrows) LOL.


Thank you so much, Hollie. This was fun.


You can find Hollie online at the links below.



Author Pic

You can always find me online at www.jennifersenhajiauthor.com



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