Feature February Author Suzie Jay

Today I’m talking with my awesome Aussie friend, Suzie Jay.

Suzie Jay Pic

J-Thank you, Suzie for speaking with me today. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?


S-Hi there, my name is Suzie Jay. I am a wife, a mum of 6, an ex-school teacher and I used to own my own business baking and decorating elaborate cakes. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t something I was really passionate about. I got to the point that I needed to go culinary school and get some qualifications to extend my business. I was really dreading it. That’s when I realized, if I was going to put my money into anything it should be something I really love and am passionate about. That’s when I decided to start writing novels for a living. I am new to writing as a career. So be gentle.


J- Good for you for going after what makes you happy. What genre do you write and why?


S-I write Chick Lit because I love it. I love reading it, I love the cover art and I love writing it. It comes so naturally to write in that style that I actually may be incapable of writing in any other way. If I ever try I’ll keep you updated.


J-What is different about your writing style?


S-I think the most obvious thing is that I write romance without the romance. I am so romantically challenged and it shows when I write. I really want that sweet romance with the happily ever after but I’m just too awkward to pull it off. So I suggest the relationship but focus more on other aspects. It’s the same situation when I nag my husband all year to be more romantic and the second he is, I get embarrassed and tell him to stop it. Yep, romantically challenged.


J-Ha. When did you start writing?


S-I started writing long involved stories when I was 5. Looking back on it now, I really feel for my 1st grade teacher. You sign up to teach the little ones to avoid spending the weekend grading papers. Sorry, 5 year old me didn’t get that memo.


J-What books have you published?


S-My First book, ‘Walk on the wild side, the Re-invention of Violet Monte.’ Will be out so soon I can taste it. I am also part of 2 Anthologies that are due out this year. One of them is a summer romance set on a cruise ship and one is an April Fools day anthology that is full of humor and love. I am really excited and just want one of them to get out there.


J-Well, we are going to have to do another interview about your book(s) once they come out. What is a typical day or week like for you? How do you find time to write?


S-I did mention I have 6 kids right? There is no typical day when you have that many individual personalities running around. Some days I start to wonder if I have actually been captured and held hostage by a mini army of shitting machines. There are days I long for escape. I understand the purpose of the big 18th birthday celebrations now. It’s not for them, it’s for us. Hooray you are an adult- why aren’t your bags packed yet? No I joke, the only constants for me right now are cooking, cleaning, wiping bums and lots and lots of love and laughs.


J-Funny. What are you reading right now?


S-Interview questions. Seriously, I have always wanted to answer this question by saying something like War and Peace or the complete works of William Shakespeare, but let’s face it.. That’s never going to happen so I will have to go with the back of the cereal box and my son’s homework.


J-Well, I have to assume you are between books, since I know you are always reading something, Ms. Smarty Pants. What are you working on next?


S-I have a new book that I’m a quarter of the way through. It doesn’t have a title yet. I tried to write a nice romance but once again, I had to add the comedy. Hey, funny can be sexy!


J-I love funny. Funny absolutely can be sexy. Are you traditionally published, self-published, or with a vanity press?


S-When I finished my first book I was about to self-publish it but my nerves went on the attack and they called for backup from my brain and its bestie, self-doubt and I began to wonder if I could actually write at all. Thoughts of American idol flashed through my mind. You know the early rounds. Everyone thinks they sound like a superstar and the audience is left wondering how this person has made it through their entire life without a friend that would tell them how terrible they are? What if I was to writing what they were to singing? I decided to send it to a publisher. I figured if they even gave me some positive feedback it may be enough to help me get over my confidence stoop. Well that publisher did better than just give me feedback. They signed the book.


J-See, all you writers out there, it is possible. Suzie, do you use experiences from your own life in your writing or does it all come from your imagination?


S-Lots and lots of tiny little things in my book are like little salutes to friends and family. Things they say, names, colors they love. These extras add depths to my characters and give those I love a giggle as they know I was thinking of them. If any try to take me to court though I will totally deny this.


J-What is your favorite curse word?


S-I love the word ‘Fuck’ it’s just so darn versatile. It can be a good thing ‘This is fucking great’ it can be bad ‘What the fuck is this?’ ‘Fuck off’ etc or it can be a question ‘What the fuck?’ I could quiet happily add that little fucker to every single fucking sentence.


J-Fucking brilliant! Thanks, Suzie. You can find Suzie Jay online at the links below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Suzie-Jay/1517547845161295?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zeeyone3

Blog: http://suziejayauthor.blogspot.com.au/

Google + https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SuzieJayAuthor/posts

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9831659.Suzie_Jay

Author Pic

As always you can find me online at http://www.jennifersenhajiauthor.com

Happy Monday.



8 thoughts on “Feature February Author Suzie Jay

  1. Haha love it your such a dag and I will be spending the next 10 years fighting you in Court if I see one resemblance in your books of myself…. I can’t wait to finally read your first book. I have not been waiting patiently for the big book release


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