Feature February Author G. K. Moore

Today is the final day of Feature February. It has been such an honor getting to know all these wonderful authors.

I am very pleased to introduce G. K. Moore. I can’t really remember where we met, but we’ve been friends ever since. I am a big fan of her writing and I’m anxiously awaiting her next book.



J-Thanks for joining me today. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?


G-I’m messy, spontaneous, and passionate. I’m also an avid reader and a tea addict.


J-What genre do you write and why?


G-Romantic suspense! Because I like to keep readers on the tip of their toes, always wondering what will happen next.


J-Yes, you are very good at that. When did you start writing?


G-I had a wild imagination as a child, I would always make up stories and tell them to anyone who would listen. When I realized I could write them down, I did.


J-What books have you published?


G-My debut, Covert, came out in December. It’s a romance and it’s also a suspense novel. There’s quite a bit of action and mystery in it.

Covert Cover


Here is the trailer:


J-I love that trailer. You can find Covert on Amazon US and Amazon UK. What are you working on next?


G-Covert is part of a series called CHICAGO ANGELS and I’m working on the second book. The sequel will be action-packed and a lot of secrets will be revealed!


J-Squeee! I can’t wait. Okay, Are you traditionally published or self-published and why?


G-I’m an indie author all the way! Making a book is a creative process, from start to finish. I like being part of it, every step of the way. Thankfully, I have a wonderful team supporting me.


J-I love that. Do you use experiences from your own life in your writing or does it all come from your imagination?


G-I think my imagination uses my own experiences and feelings to create new and inventive stories. So a bit of both.


J-Do you plot or outline when writing?


G-Both. Before I sit down to write an outline, I’ve usually plotted the story in my mind. I know how it starts, how it ends, and what happens to lead to that particular ending. The details of the story come to me while writing, but the general idea is ready before I type the first word.


J-Do you listen to music when writing? If so, name three songs on your current playlist.


G-Yes! When I’m writing, I need to feel what the characters are feeling, music helps me bring out all those emotions. Three songs? What about the playlist I used while writing Covert:



J-Thank you, G. K., for joining me today. I loved Covert and can’t wait or the sequel. You can find my review of Covert on Goodreads here. You can find G. K. online at the links below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GKMooreAuthor

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/GKMooreAuthor

Website: http://www.readmoorebooks.com/


Thank you, everyone, for joining us today and all month long for Feature February. Have a great weekend.

Author Pic

You can find me online at www.jennifersenhajiauthor.com


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