5 Tips to help you Stay on Task

Quick Tips

It’s really easy to become distracted by—ooh, I have a new comment on my blog! Sorry.

See what I mean. Writers have a million different ideas pulling them in a billion different directions, not mention all of our blogging and social media commitments. So how do we stay on task and actually get any writing done?

  1. Turn off all social media- This means, when you sit down at your computer, or with your notebook, turn off your social media apps. If you cannot resist checking the notifications that pop up on your phone, then turn the darn thing off completely.
  2. Isolate yourself- I don’t mean lock yourself away, let yourself go, and become a hermit. I mean find a quiet place away from family distractions. If you don’t have a room or office you can be alone in, find a corner, plug in your ear buds, turn on your favorite playlist, and tune all others out. Let your family know that the ear buds are just as good as a do not disturb sign.
  3. Set personal goals-Make a goal for the week. I prefer weekly goals rather than daily. If I get in my weekly word count, it doesn’t matter if it was all in one day or over seven days, it’s still an accomplishment.
  4. Get support- Find a partner or whole group, that is interested in encouraging word count. It keeps you motivated to keep up and keep track. Cheer each other on. Go team!
  5. Stay in the zone- When you are in the zone, do not stop. Keep beverages, food, music nearby, and family at bay for as long as you can. It’s not easy to get in the zone, so make the most of it. Write and let the words flow. This is the moment you want to maximize, not when it’s forced.


Well, time to follow my own advice, and get back to work on my WIP. For more thoughts on time management for writers, check out my blog Staying on Task-Time Management for Writers.

Do you have any tips for staying on task you can share? Leave a comment.

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