Deep in the Cave


I’m not blogging today…Okay I lied. I’m blogging to tell you I’m not blogging. I’m deep in the writing/editing/creating cave. I have my summer short, Sea Breeze, with my editor and I’m waiting for her notes to work on any changes. My other current project is my novel Choosing to Dream, and I’m in the final stages of self-editing, trying to get it ready for my editor. I’ve signed up for another project, which I’m not yet ready to announce, but is due to editing soon, and I should’ve started a while ago, because I have a deadline looming. Arghhh. I need more hours in the day.

So, no blogging today. Nope, I’m getting off social immediately and going to work on edits.

How do you handle deadlines? Do you procrastinate until the very last minute or are always ahead of the game?

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Back to work.




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