Marketing Plans-Be Organized


With multiple titles coming out this summer, I have a million and one things to do before both books are released.

I have a spreadsheet with my marketing plan for my novel.

I have a calendar I keep all my events and important dates in.

I have an idea of what I need to do to market my novella.

I now have two marketing plans from my publicist/marketing guru, Samantha over at PageCurl Publishing and Promotion.

Arghhhh. So, with two titles coming out, how in the heck am I going to keep it straight?

I’m creating a massive summer marketing plan calendar. It begins today and ends…well, it may be an ongoing forever thing, but I am filling in everything from now through August, for now.

I’m positive there are fancy templates that are available somewhere, but I created mine as a table in Microsoft Word. Yep, a table, days and dates filled in, and then each day, what I need to do for each book, and on what platforms.

Let me give you an example. My square labeled 4/27 is filled with the following;  send out ARCs for my novella, secure endorsements, post my Monday blog, host a takeover during a Facebook Release Party for one of my favorite authors, Tami Lund (feel free to join us), do a fair amount of social networking, and several other things all while working at the day job. Say what?

Yep. Add in all the other stuff I’m doing; blogging, updating my website, Facebook posts, Twitter, networking, blog touring, finalizing blurbs, creating trailers, creating teasers, I know I’m forgetting loads of other stuff, thank goodness Samantha will keep me straight, and I’m a busy woman.

Staying organized is a must. There is no choice. There is no trying to remember what I have to do. Nope. It will be written down and followed. My regular social networking and blogging calendar will remain the same, but I’m adding a whole bunch of stuff to it.

So if you find yourself with an upcoming release, or just want to organize your marketing efforts, make a calendar. Write down your important dates; commitments for blogs, teaser distribution, formatting, editing, website updates, cover reveals, preorder deadlines, blog tour dates, thunderclap dates, release dates, and anything else you are doing on that calendar.

Be organized. Stay organized. Make a plan.

If you are looking for professional help…er…marketing, editing, formatting, cover design, and the like, I highly recommend the professionals at PageCurl Publishing and Promotion.

What are your tips for setting up a marketing plan?

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By the way, the picture I chose for my blog today, is a building that existed in downtown San Francisco for several years, that I used to drive by on almost a daily basis. I recently heard it had been torn down, and even though I think the inside had been abandoned for a long time, it was such a cool piece of art, it’s a shame it’s gone. This picture doesn’t show the bathtub hanging out an upper floor window, or any of the other cool pieces that made it almost an ode to wonderland.


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