Sea Breeze Release Day!

Sea Breeze Ebook Cover

Today, I published my newest romance, Sea Breeze exclusively on Amazon. I’m ecstatic to bring you the story of Jordan, a flair bartender from Las Vegas who for the first time has a chance to chase her dreams. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who’ve supported me in my writing.

My editor and friend, Patricia, thank you for your advice, your encouragement, and all the hours you’ve spent working with me. You truly make me a better writer. My publicist, Samantha, thank you for your support, attention, and professionalism. You make this marketing thing look easy. My cover designer, Melody, who knows how to transform the images in my head into beautiful book covers. You rock.

Tami, Ashlynn, Jen Ray, Misti, Sheri, Keisha, Beverly, Anna, Katrina, Sonja, Grace, Christine, Hollie, Brenda, Colleen, Lauren, Quenby, Rachel, Michele, Rebekah, Barb, and all the my other Writing Wenches, including Michael, for teaching me more about writing then I would ever learn on my own. You are my tribe and I love you all.

Thank you Suzie, Eeva, Guy, Sandra, and all the other members of The Alliance for your support of me and other self-published authors.

Thank you Julie, Barb, Elayne, Kim, Tillie, Janice, Niels, Pam, Teri, Cheryl, and everyone else at work who has supported my writing.

Lastly, thank you to my husband, Zouhair, my daughter, Jasmine, my son, Tony for your love and understanding of my relationship with my laptop.

Happy book birthday to me!

Sea Breeze Available Now on Amazon (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

Jordan has never been in love, or been anywhere. Trapped in Vegas, she schleps drinks and dodges losers, while suffering under a burden only she can shoulder. Her life is an endless stretch of blah with no escape.

Until now.

Instead of looking back, she’s sailing forward.

Eric has left his family and friends in San Francisco to travel the world, tending bar on a cruise ship to fund his adventures. He can charm any coed who comes aboard, but Jordan sees right through him.

On the blue cobblestone streets of San Juan, everything changes. Food. Music. Exotic locations. Possibilities. Setting out to discover the world, will Jordan discover herself?

Sometimes, adventure can set you free…

Author Pic You can find me and all my books on my website at





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