Today’s Special-Sweet and Spicy Romance


Yet another night I sit at my laptop, catching up on blog posts whilst episode after episode of the tasty food competition show Chopped simmer over the airways.

Spicy- If you follow me, you know I love spicy food. Tonight, we had a beautifully marinated chicken for dinner that my husband was kind enough to prepare before leaving for work. My daughter had it baked to golden brown, a nice tossed salad, and some quick French fries done by the time I put my purse down after overtime at the day job. Love it. I’ll take dinner on the table when I get home every night, Alex.

Spice is so important. It warms. It invigorates. It makes you sweat. It flavors your food and your love life.

This week I’m sharing excerpts of my books that will make you salivate for more…Hopefully. Monday, I shared an excerpt from Sweet Dreams which you can read here. Below, is a little morsel from Sea Breeze. Bon appetit.

Sea Breeze: Sea Breeze Ebook Cover

“Hey. Where have you been?”

“I was upstairs, having a drink. It’s less crowded up there and they’re playing reggaeton.”

“Sweet. Hey guys, let’s go upstairs for a bit.”

Kim’s friends all trail behind her as she leads the way. Following the group, I make eye contact with Eric as soon as the bar comes into view and head out to the dance floor. This is the first time Kim and I have actually spent any time together on the cruise, except for sleeping.

Of the five women with Kim, I’m probably the most conservative in my dance moves. They’re all going for pole dancer, “drop it like it’s hot” status, whereas I’m conservatively swaying to the beat. But it’s all fun, and I laugh, watching as each woman tries to outdo the last. Getting caught up in the music, I let go and close my eyes. Dipping my hips to the sultry rhythm, I imagine dancing with Eric in a small Puerto Rican bar, as the crowd pushes us closer together, sweat dripping, breath mingling, gripping his taut shoulders as his strong arms encircle my waist…

My eyes open and immediately find Eric behind the bar. He watches me intently on the dance floor, lips parted, and my body flushes with arousal. Body language is easy to read. Bartenders are freaking experts at it. Nothing short of screaming “come take me” would be any more obvious to him at this point as I keep my gaze locked on his while rocking my hips side to side. He knows it. I know it. He could crook his finger and I’d be over there in a second, or he could come out here and join me for a grind.

Our gazes remain locked a few more beats, but when a customer approaches him and breaks the connection, I come to my senses, duck out and run back to my room before he has a chance to accept my body’s invitation. I may want him, but I also want what’s best for me. Better to be safe than sorry, I tell myself as I lie in bed, frustrated and alone.

For more from Jordan and Eric, Sea Breeze is available on Amazon.

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