It’s Not All About the Money

Finalist Medallion-CRW

This week, I received a notification from CRW (Colorado Romance Writers) that my first novel, Sweet Dreams, is a finalist for the 2015 Contemporary Single Title Romance Award of Excellence.

How did this happen?

Last February, a fellow author posted a notice in my writing group about this competition, and on a whim I entered my novel. Entered and completely forgot about it.

Earlier this week, a call came in on my cell from an unknown number in Colorado while I was at the day job. Naturally, I thought it must be a telemarketer. I was wrong. The message was from one of the contest coordinators who followed up with an email informing me my novel, Sweet Dreams, is a finalist.

SweetDreamsEbookCoverFinal For Promo

You can find the complete list on their website at

Congratulations to all the finalists. We did it.

Authors love reviews. I do. It means someone has read my work. Out of the millions of books out there, someone chose to read mine. It’s a great feeling.

I write contemporary romance. My goal is to entertain the reader with stomach-flipping chemistry and characters they can fall in love with. My messages are simple: Love conquers all. Friends can make the best lovers. Live life to the fullest. Be strong. Love is a gift.

I’m not expecting a Pulitzer, but this type of recognition, by my peers is really touching. I rarely monitor my sales. In fact, I don’t know when I’ve sold any books until I see a deposit in my account two months later. I haven’t broken even yet on any of my books, but the knowledge that readers enjoy my work is so much more gratifying than a couple of bucks.

Thank you, readers. Thank you, CRW. I truly appreciate your support.

You can find the CRW at

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