Writers: You’re not an island.

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Many writers tend to be introverts. The stereotypical fiction writer sits at home, on his/her computer, typing away in the hopes of creating the next bestselling novel. Alone.

We take walks, gaze off into the distance, and churn ideas into possible plot lines. Alone. Ooh, that couple over there, hushed whispers spit back and forth between them; agitated looks on their faces. That’s a story. Is he cheating? Will she strangle him later in his sleep? Sorry, I spaced out for a second.

Writers can sit at a table with friends and family laughing and talking, eyebrows furrowed, completely under the radar. Until someone notices that we’ve spaced out. In our own worlds, we memorize the scene that just came together, praying it sticks until we can get to a keyboard, or the very least, a pen and paper. She said something to me and made me forget that awesome idea, damn it. I should’ve stayed home.

But…There’s always a but isn’t there.

No matter how much of the writing process takes place alone, shut away at our desks, locked in our imaginary worlds, we can’t do this writing thing alone.

In my opinion, aside from loved ones, we all need the following:

  • Other writers we can learn from, talk to, bounce ideas off, who understand what it feels like to get a rejection letter or a bad review and who knows how much a good review means.
  • We need readers who tell us they stayed up all night reading our books. Who cares if we’ve only sold 100 books so far? That one reader, emailing or posting a review—that super-fan, is why we keep writing.
  • We need editors. Every writer, let me repeat, EVERY WRITER, needs an editor. A good one that knows what they are doing. An editor that teaches us how to show, not tell. One who pushes our writing to new heights. An editor that has our best interests at heart: Makes us better.
  • Proofreaders. We need them. Because even editors miss things sometimes.
  • Formatters. This last time around, I pulled my hair out trying to get Smashwords to accept my document and all I was doing was hitting the Upload Now button. Formatters work through all those coding errors and make your books and layout look beautiful. If you’re up to the challenge, great. My blood pressure isn’t. I leave it to the professionals.
  • Cover Designers. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but no one will pick up your book if the cover looks like crap. Get a professional cover. You wouldn’t catch S&S publishing a book with a cover that looks like it cost less than a cup of coffee.
  • Publicists. These people know what they are doing: How to maximize your reach, how to time your marketing efforts, how to spread the word without hitting people over the head with Buy my Book.

And guess what? The above mentioned are all people; human beings that every writer needs in their life to publish. You are not alone. The above mentioned is your tribe, your team, and you get to choose the players.

I believe a huge thank you is in order…

Thank you, Patricia, Melody, Samantha, and Katelyn of PageCurl Publishing and Promotion. You ladies rock. You make me look good.

Thank you Writing Wenches, 10 Minute Novelists, WLC members, Alliance Members. I truly appreciate your community and support.

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