What does leftist literature mean to me?

Today, the Speakeasy Scribes are hosting Leftist Literature and Libations over on Facebook, a virtual get together to celebrate the pre-launch of Rejoice and Resist over at the Final Draft Tavern, the virtual hangout for the Speakeasy Scribes and their characters. I just so happen to be one of the authors and a co-host. Interested? Click here to join and you can hangout online, on your phone, tablet, or laptop, from the safety of your home, bookstore, coffeehouse, or local pub, with the writers this evening.

Before I get into what leftist literature means to me, I’d like to talk about the mission behind the Speakeasy Scribes.

The online writing community is full of intelligent, talented, and extremely passionate people. There are groups for newbie writers, more seasoned authors, groups that focus on critique and craft, and others that focus on marketing and how to find new readers. One thing these groups have in common is support. Writers are great at supporting, encouraging, and even donating time to help their fellow writers. Another thing most of these groups have in common are rules.

Depending on the group, there can be a short or very long list of rules for joining. Most groups have the following basic rules in common:

  1. No insults. No name calling. Members are all adults and should act like it. Don’t piss off admin by being disrespectful, or some other variation.
  2. No politics. This group is for writers. If you want to talk about politics, do it on your own page or elsewhere or admin ( aka the all-powerful group overlords appointed to decide what is and is not appropriate ) will delete the post and give you a stern warning, if not boot you from the group all together.
  3. No religion. Period.

All of the above are the standard rules for the majority of the groups out there, the same rules your supposed to abide by in polite company.

Well screw that.

Let me back up for a second. The members of these groups are supportive and do share a wealth of information, and every writer or wannabe writer should join online groups immediately. You try on a group to see if it fits, if not, you try on another. And another until you find the right fit for your writing needs. I belong to many groups. Some marketing based, others craft based, other solely support based which really are the equivalent to making friends online and having a safe space to vent. And all of the above are priceless.

But here is where I start to question the rules.

Rule no 1. No insults, essentially behave and don’t be a jerk. Yes, good. I get it. Be nice. I have no reason to insult my fellow writers and no wish to be insulted. I want to befriend them, not tear them down. But unfortunately this rule is a necessity because some adults are unable to keep their inner jerks and inner toddlers in check.

Rules no 2. & 3. The next two, no politics and no religion, are a little bit harder to abide by. Frankly, a lot harder. Writers should be discussing politics and religion. Whatever your platform—fiction, non-fiction, or editorials for a newspaper, magazine, or blog—as a writer, I believe we all have a responsibility to address the important issues around the world. Are we not here to examine the world around us; to entertain, inform, and open the minds of our readers? The books we write address all sorts of social and political issues and often showcase those issues at the center of the theme or plot, so why in the world can we not discuss them in a writer’s group?

Oh yeah, it’s because there are adults that are unable to follow Rule no.1. So frustrating. And as we all know, following Rule no.1 or rather disregarding it altogether, has somehow become one of the biggest problems online. People are more ready to insult, degrade, and bully when safely tucked behind a screen. I mean, when did people become so nasty? Reading through comments on a post on Facebook can sometimes be hazardous to your mental health… but I digress.

The Speakeasy Scribes was formed to share knowledge about the art of writing, to support each other personally and via joint marketing in an effort to expand our reach to new readers, and as a place to share ideas, opinions, and our experiences. Because we are adults and embrace our own diversity within the group, we also work together on joint projects like Rejoice and Resist which not only entertain, but celebrate diversity, and encourage readers to stand up for themselves and others. We are an international group of free and progressive thinkers who write across a multitude of genres. We aim for freedom of expression, and a world in which everyone feels valued, heard, safe, and loved. We do lean left and do not apologize for it. But the only rule we have is to be respectful. Period.

Leftist literature is for people who promote self-determination and emancipation from oppression. If you’re one of these people, help us celebrate our new release, Rejoice and Resist, and join our pre-launch event on Facebook. Click here for event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1460438850660394/

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